Just going through the motions.
최고의 행운 (Best Luck)
괜찮아 사랑이야 (It's Okay, That's Love OST)
Chen (첸)
첸 (Chen) - 최고의 행운 (Best Luck) from 괜찮아 사랑이야 (It’s Okay, That’s Love OST)

2ne1 fans cursing out “Roommate” for the lack of Bom in today’s episode is so pathetic. You do realize that if it wasn’t for the YG-SBS connection, that she would’ve been edited out & off the show after her scandal came out, right?

The show took so much shit from the public just to leave her in the episodes and yet you fans aren’t even grateful. The PD said that they would keep her in and they did that. If they had taken her out completely then sure you’d have an argument but they didn’t.

If you want to stop watching the show then go ahead. Stop complaining in the “roommate” tag and let the rest of us enjoy the show.

nervous chanyeol

Chanyeol teaching watching Gayeon prepare fish.

baekhyun in the house (roommate - preview)


your image didn’t even last longer than 0.2 seconds (┳Д┳)


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